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David Benlolo is a gifted jewelry designer and world-class jeweler who draws his inspiration from nature and who has been creating his art in New York City for more than 20 years. He apprenticed under masters in Israel and worked for some of the world’s most prestigious jewelry houses in NYC including Tiffany & CO. and Stuart Moore in Soho, where his work was commissioned and sold. Benlolo’s work has been featured on ABC Network Television and in numerous print articles. Benlolo is also an avid collector of rare and unusual gemstones which he collects on his frequent trips to Asia.

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The Benlolo Jewelry Studio in New York was founded in 2003 offering jewelry making and jewelry design classes

In 2003, David founded The Benlolo Jewelry Studio to pursue his longstanding interest in sharing with others the deep knowledge and skills he amassed over his long career. For the past decade, he has helped hundreds of students make their own beautiful creations while developing skills in jewelry making and design. Many have gone on to launch their own successful jewelry collections.

A unique learning environment that helps students maximize their potential

David decided that to teach most effectively, a different approach was needed than that offered at most bottom-line driven schools where larger class sizes limit personal attention and where rigid curricula don’t take into account students’ individual interests or needs.

His goal was to create a unique learning environment where students can quickly achieve their full potential. The average class size is four to six (4-6) so each student gets maximum attention. In addition, each student’s program is customized taking into account their skill level, personal goals and projects of interest. By allowing flexibility in start dates and frequency of classes, individual scheduling needs and budgets can be met.

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“David has created the best environment I have ever encountered for learning, trying new things and making mistakes comfortably. His studio and the atmosphere are welcoming, and his skill and patience as an instructor are unparalleled. It was my great privilege to be there, and I am looking forward to being able to return”.
— Tina Bueche, Seattle, WA

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