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The Benlolo Jewelry Studio

Jewelry Design Classes in New York City

Classes are available five days a week excluding national holidays. Programs are customized to each student based on individual goals, skill level and projects of interest. Frequency (number of classes a week) and duration (number of weeks) is structured to individual needs and budgets. Typically, students attend classes once or twice a week for 2, 6 or 12 months but this can be adjusted as needed. International students are welcome. Japanese instruction is supported.

Class Schedule The average classroom size is four to six (4-6) students

Beginner Program

Make a ring or pendant
Wax technique for casting into metal
Fabrication in gold or silver
Learn to identify gemstones and diamonds
Twisted wire technique
Bezel setting

Intermediate Program

Make a ring, broach or pendant
Wax technique for casting into metal
Fabrication in gold, silver or platinum
Learn to identify gemstones and diamonds
Advanced bezel and prong setting
Stone setting

Advanced Program

Make a ring, necklace or earrings
Fabrication in gold or platinum
Using hinges and movement techniques for
necklace and bracelets
Prong, pave and channel settings

Workshops and Private Classes(optional)

Based on student demand, 2-3 day
workshops are created on special subjects
such as Settings, Filigree & Granulation,
Gemstones and Enamel. Priced
separately. Private instruction is also

Cancellation Policy

48 hour business day notice is required for
cancellations or class is forfeited.


Class tuition is the same for all levels.
Tuition cost excludes materials.

Once a week:
2 months, 8 classes: $695
6 months, 24 classes: $1,940
12 months, 48 classes: $3,770

Twice a week:
2 months, 16 classes: $1,320
6 months, 48 classes: $3,665
12 months, 96 classes: $7,110

Workbench Rentals (optional)

Current and former students may rent benches and use of equipment to do work when they are not in class. Monthly fee is $200 for unlimited use during studio business hours. More limited usage rates are also available on request.

Gemstones (optional)

Students have the option of purchasing gemstones from Benlolo’s personal collection, at below wholesale prices.

Create Your Own Jewelry Collection (optional)

One-on-one private instruction is available for students who want to create their own jewelry collections to sell. Personalized instruction, insights and guidance on a wide range of subjects such as design, pricing, manufacturing, fabrication and marketing.

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