I will always treasure the class time I spent with David! I learned so much and had such an amazing experience with both learning design principals and solid core skills. I can't say enough good things about David and the school!
Rachel Williams, Walterboro, SC
Student Testimonials

Gemology and great jewelry design go hand-in-hand

David Benlolo is an avid collector of rare and unusual gemstones on his frequent trips to Asia, including Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and others. With contacts established over many years he has access to the widest selection of the finest stones while eliminating costly middlemen.

Only The Benlolo Jewelry Studio incorporates gemology into its everyday classes

There are unlimited choices of stones, cuts and colors, at all price points.  Which are best for a specific design – and why?  Students learn to identify gemstones and appreciate their unique characteristics. Despite its integral importance to jewelry design, only The Benlolo Jewelry Studio incorporates gemology into its everyday teachings.

Depending on each student’s interests they will learn about: Rare spinels, moonstones, sapphires, emeralds, mandarin garnets, tsavorites, and of course, diamonds – to name just a few.

Optional purchase of stones.  Students may optionally purchase stones for their classroom projects from Benlolo’s personal collection at below wholesale prices. For all budgets.