What Students Say - United States and International

David is a genius at what he does. Every time I work with him, I am in awe. His passion for making each and every piece of jewelry a work of art, his craftsmanship, his encouragement and patience – I don't know if I ever met a person who inspires me as much as he does.
Svenja, Germany
David's class is amazing. He is a patient teacher willing to share his incredible talent and craftsmanship with his students. The ring I made is one of my most prized possessions and I cannot wait to take another class.
Lynne Potter, New York City
David is a brilliant designer, a wonderful teacher and a beautiful person. I enjoyed every minute of the time I spent in his studio under his talented and watchful eye.
Elizabeth Arcuri, New York City
I will always treasure the class time I spent with David! I learned so much and had such an amazing experience with both learning design principals and solid core skills. I can't say enough good things about David and the school!
Rachel Williams, Walterboro, SC
Before I began taking classes at David’s, I visited several other jewelry schools and studios. As soon as I met David, I sensed he was the right teacher for me. Today, I thank my good senses that guided me correctly, and led me to a high level, professional teacher that is not only patient but also dedicates himself to each and every student, giving us all of his acquired knowledge and experience. The other students are also pleasant to be around, nurturing patient environment. With David I have full confidence that each of my designs will come out in the best most professional way possible, and for that I am grateful.
Ilana Dayan Zadik, Israel
When I decided to learn about the jewelry industry, I took a few online classes and also wanted to take some practical courses. Through my research I found The Benlolo Studio. David is a great teacher – he is patient and knows how to get the best from his students. The techniques taught will allow you to go from a rough piece of metal to an amazing piece of jewelry. You will learn the wax technique, how to set stones and many other techniques and styles. My friends could not believe the pieces I made during my classes at The Benlolo Studio. I am really proud to tell everyone that I have been David's student.
Yhasmine Ouedraogo, Burkina Faso, Africa
There is no jewelry school like the Benlolo Jewelry Studio. There is no other place where I can learn such advanced skills with such intensity. The curriculum is personalized with your own hands-on training. David is an amazing teacher with lots of patience and talent. I call him “Sensei” which in Japanese means respectfully “Master” of jewelry. He encourages us to and learn and grow. At the end of courses, you will be stepping out with dazzling jewelry & happy smiles. The Studio is not just a jewelry-making studio, it is an information-packed community. David creates a wonderful sharing learning environment with others. We share experiences with each other -- about business, techniques, changes in fashion, jewelry sources.
Yumiko Hamasuna, Tokyo
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Simply put, David Benlolo is a fantastic teacher. With his guidance and expertise, I went from having design ideas in my mind to actually creating beautiful jewelry. This is by far the best jewelry class in NYC.
Susan Woldman, New York City
Working with David changed my life. It has literally been a life-changing experience. I have learned so much from him in very specific ways but he is also very empowering. He helped me build confidence in myself and what I am capable of.
Lisa Owusu, New York City
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David is a true talented, skillful, experienced and fun teacher who is very patient and gives clear instructions. I learned a lot from him in a very short period of time. Thank you David! The BEST!
Francie ChenKure, New York City

This year saw my second visit to David’s studio having spent six weeks there last year whilst on sabbatical from the UK. To say the experience surpassed all my expectations would be an understatement. David is a superb teacher with a wealth of knowledge which he is more than happy to share. After just three weeks of classes I felt that I had learnt more than on my three year degree in Jewelry and Silversmithing. The studio is well equipped and has great atmosphere, David’s assistant Tomomi is warm and welcoming as were my fellow students. An absolute gem of a place, I can’t wait to return!

Collette, England
David has created the best environment I have ever encountered for learning, trying new things and making mistakes comfortably. His studio and the atmosphere are welcoming, and his skill and patience as an instructor are unparalleled. It was my great privilege to be there, and I am looking forward to being able to return.
Tina Bueche, Seattle, WA
As a graduate of RISD's jewelry and metalsmithing department, I had gained solid experience in being a bench jeweler. I knew, however, that I wanted to develop my skills and sense of style further. When I discovered David, I had no idea what to expect but I instinctively knew that the classes were going to be very good. A year later, I have learned so many aspects of design and fabrication that I am blown away when I see the work I have created. I have no doubt that it was due to David's excellent ability to teach, challenge my process of design, and help to solve technical problems. His patience and commitment toward students has been exceptional. David works with students one on one, guiding them through the process. I am always blown away with how his students progress. David's passion for jewelry and teaching has empowered his students to discover their hidden talent.
Kim Kadish, New York City
In taking jewelry classes with David I discovered a passion. He offers an open style that lets each student work on their own designs - a method that was perfect for me.
Mark B., Berkeley, CA